Our Mission

Ānuenue Review seeks to encourage quality undergraduate creative work by providing students from all disciplines with the opportunity to publish their best writing and visual art. We believe in the importance of creative expression and know that the prospects for publication and editorial experience for undergraduate students are few and far between. We want to change that.

Ānuenue Review is committed to contributing to and supporting the decolonization efforts of the English Department at the University of Hawaiʻi by offering and encouraging the use of our platform for written work in ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi and Pidgin. We actively seek members for our editorial board who can understand these and other languages and who come from diverse backgrounds in order to diversify the literature we publish. We believe that efforts toward diversity and decolonization are critical everywhere and in all fields. As a publication based in Hawaiʻi, which has been illegally occupied by the United States since 1893, prioritizing decolonization is particularly important for us. We believe that diversity in voices and perspectives is of utmost importance in literature as it provides a space for people of all backgrounds to share, connect, and engage with relevant cultural context.

As of the 2022-2023 semester, Ānuenue Review  has made an effort to open our submission pool to undergraduate students from other University of Hawaiʻi System schools and out-of-state universities as a way to broaden perspectives and raise the caliber and recognition of the journal to a new level. We hope to continue our expansion and welcome all opportunities to bring awareness to our mission beyond our university and state.

Meet Our Editors

Anna Kalabukhova | Editor-in-Chief 

Anna is an English major with a concentration in creative writing, as well as she is in the pre-med program. She sails for the University of Hawaiʻi’s sailing team and has basically one foot in the ocean at all times. When not getting thrown around by the raw elements, she enjoys reading and writing prose. This is her third year as the Editor-in- Chief and she is excited to carry on the journal’s purpose to showcase the creativity of undergraduate students and empower ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi and Pidgin speakers and writers.

Wren Gruner | Associate Editor

Wren is an English major with a focus in creative writing. This is her first year as an Associate Editor for the journal. She writes and does watercolor illustrations for primarily horror poetry and ecofiction, and is currently working on a novel that combines both. She’s passionate about environmental, queer, class, and indigenous activism in her writing and in her daily life. She also works as a professional chef, striving to strengthen the bond between local, sustainable farmers and the communities they support.


Mia Winand


Mia has been a poetry editor for the Ānuenue Review for three years now. She is a senior English major on the creative writing track. In addition to reading and writing, she loves music, fashion, witchcraft, walkable cities, and when the clock strikes 11:11. She is excited and honored to be working on the third edition of the magazine with such a wonderful editing team.

James “Jay” Rosenlee

Jay is a current junior and English major at UH Mānoa.  This is his second year with the Ānuenue Review as a poetry editor, and he’s glad to be back!  Over the years, he’s been interested in writing poetry, creative fiction, journalistic articles, and finally had his first short story published this year!  In his free time, Jay also enjoys drawing, reading fantasy books, and going out for boba with his friends.


Esther Tang
Esther Tang is a senior majoring in English and Psychology with a minor in Dance. Developing a passion for stories from a young age, whether it be reading, or telling them, she believes that stories create space for cultivating a better world. Personally, her favorite ways to tell stories are through writing, poetry, and dancing. She’s still drafting the specifics of her own life story, but after graduating, she plans to pursue writing through a master’s in English. In the time not taken by class studies or her jobs, she can be found with her family, dog Daisy, and watching the sunrise at the beach with friends.
Julia de Oliviera
Julia is a fourth year English student on the creative writing track. She is a first generation immigrant and a witch, and loves swimming and fantasy writing. She hopes that the fiction genre gets a lot of submissions and looks forward to reading everyone works!




Creative Nonfiction

Kirsten Van Dyke

Kirsten is a junior and an English major at UH Mānoa. This is her first year as a creative nonfiction editor for Ānuenue Review. In and out of classes, she enjoys writing analytical essays, short stories, and poetry. She may not read as much as an English major “should,” but when she does, she prefers coming-of-age stories, romances, and anything with an excellent suspense-filled, nail-biting, tension-breaking third act argument. In her free time, Kirsten likes to pick apart movies and play god (The Sims 4).

Angie Cruz Guzman


Angie (she/ella) is an undergraduate senior and BAM student within the creative writing concentration. In her free time she likes to go on walks, browse Ebay, and try new restaurants. She is a virgo sun pisces moon who loves loves loves plantains! She is one of the creative nonfiction editors for the Ānuenue Review and she is so excited to care after submissions in the coming months!


2023-2024 Editorial Team

Anna Kalabukhova | Editor-in-Chief
Wren Gruner | Associate Editor
Mia Winand| Poetry Editor
James “Jay” Rosenlee| Poetry Editor
Esther Tang| Fiction Editor
Julia De Oliviera| Fiction Editor
Kirsten Van Dyke| Creative Nonfiction Editor
Angie Cruz Guzman| Creative Nonfiction Editor


2022-2023 Editorial Team

Anna Kalabukhova | Editor-in-Chief
Keʻalahoʻoipoleimaile Cabanilla| Associate Editor
Mia Winand| Poetry Editor
James “Jay” Rosenlee| Poetry Editor
Matthew Calulot| Fiction Editor
Joel Llop| Fiction Editor
Sarah Cartee| Creative Nonfiction Editor
Kianna Kilborn-Quarry| Creative Nonfiction Editor


2021-2022 Editorial Team

Johanna Leo | Editor-in-Chief
Azlynn Brandenburg | Associate Editor
Emily Plunkett| Copy Editor
Kristin “Kira” Santana| Poetry Editor
Mia Winand| Poetry Editor
Matthew Calulot| Fiction Editor
Keʻalahoʻoipoleimaile Cabanilla | Fiction Editor
Joel Llop| Fiction Editor
Anna Kalabukhova| Creative Nonfiction Editor
Amy Mar| Creative Nonfiction Editor


Ānuenue Review Founder

Johanna Leo | 2021-2022 Editor-in-Chief and Founder

Johanna Leo was an international student from México who graduated from the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa in the spring of 2022 with a double-major in English and Psychology. She started Ānuenue Review to create a space that actively seeks and encourages creative and diverse undergraduate work. She also worked as a writing consultant for the Writing Center. In her free time, Johanna likes to read and write, do yoga, go hiking, and spend time in the ocean.